The authors need to upload two files for submission of their article.

  • Author Affiliations File

This document should have the title of the article, along with the author(s) names and their affiliations. It is advised that a three-line biography of each author is included along with an email id of the corresponding author.

  • Manuscript File

This file will have your entire manuscript. Please make sure your article is written within 3,000 words, excluding references. The following sections will help you format your paper effectively.

  • Title of the Article

Please make sure the author affiliations or names are not submitted in this file. Submitting them might lead to a resubmission/delay in the review process. Use 16 Bold Times New Roman font.

  • Abstract

Abstract should briefly explain the objectives and conclusions of the work. The reader should have a clarity on what was achieved through the study. The abstract should be within 150-200 words.

  • Keywords

Include 3-5 Keywords after the abstract.

  • Paper Structure

Your paper may contain the following:

Introduction/Purpose/Objectives, Methodology/Approach, Results, Implications/Recommendations, Limitations, Directions for future research, Conclusion, Acknowledgements (when appropriate), References, and Appendices (when appropriate).

  • References

Please make sure that all references cited in the body are also present in the reference list at the end of your article. Citations should follow American Psychological Association (APA) guidelines outlined in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, Sixth Edition, ISBN 978-1-4338-0561-5.

  • Checklist
Paper length 7,500 words including references
Abstract length 200 – 300 words
Keywords 3-6 words
Font 12 Times New Roman
Section Headings 14 Times New Roman
Subsection Headings 12 Bold Times New Roman
Paragraph Single-spaced & Justified
Layout Portrait – Single Column,

I” margins on all sides

Table/Figures JPEG center-aligned
Format PDF file